Sigma Nu

So I'm bored, which always leads to Wikipedia - somehow I decided to look up notable alumni of Nayan's frat. They're pretty cool...
Bob Barker
Joe Buck
Harrison Ford
James Dean
Paul Rudd
Mr. Feeney on Boy Meets World
Tom Johnson - president of CNN, ex-president and CEO of the L.A. Times
The producer of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Paul from The Wonder Years
Boyd Tinsley - violinist in DMB
Eli Manning
Head coach for the L.A. Lakers, New York Knicks and now the Miami Heat
Bill Yoast - the character portrayed as the coach on Remember the Titans
Founder/Owner of Bass Pro

I love Wikipedia...let's see what other useless information I can learn.


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I'm gonna glow in the dark with Kanye!

Thanks to Chelsea's Kanye West obsession, we are going to Chicago on May 24 to see his Glow In The Dark Tour featuring none other than Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco, and N.E.R.D.

Our VIP tickets put us in the first 20 rows...I cannot wait...Chels and I have a pretty good concert record: Spoon, Elton John, and Kanye West.

Check out what Perez had to say!

My 4 Hour Journalism Class

It wouldn't be such an enormous deal if I hadn't been at work from 9:30 - 6....and then sat in class listening to other people's presentations even though in the interest of time, I didn't present mine.

I think it's safe to say that I'm thoroughly infuriated and have actually decided not to speak to anyone until tomorrow. Oh, to top it off, I slept for 3 hours last night.

Then there's the fact that I have to pack...

I'm going to eat dinner, yes at 10pm, and then if buttered pasta can put me in a better mood (which I'm having doubts about) I will return for another non-ranting post.

Otherwise, deal with it.

New features

I just upgraded my blog -- my play list, current state, and approved sites have all been updated. Check it out!

Expect a lot of posts this week as I will need to appear busy while I pretend to pack.


Things I'll miss about London

Besides the obvious - friends and family - here are some things that I will genuinely miss about Londres.

Passion fruit all year round
Green grass all year round
The tube
Having my own place
Being in the center of the world
Incredible shopping, which has unfortunately only been done through windows
McDonald's McFlurrys with Crunchie in it
Fish and Chips that don't quite compare to anywhere else in the world
Black cabs
Culture in general
Knowing I'm in a real city (sorry STL)
Getting dressed up to go out
Walking places
People watching
Nando's chicken - a Portugese chicken restaurant where we go on Fridays
Indian food on every street
Double decker buses
Having a mobile, not a cell

I'll add more later.


April 26 = The Best Day of Your Life


THAT'S 10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think Chelsea would approve of this...

Check out the new Starbucks BS...thoughts?

Update: Erica just informed me that this cup will only exist until the middle of May because Starbucks is trying to get back to their roots...? I don't know if I'll be able to boycott the cup for that long!!

I <3 STL

Things I cannot wait to do/experience when I get home, in the order I think of them:

Mani/Pedi with my Mom (and/or Chelsea)
See my new apartment!
See my "new" room at home
Enjoy nice weather
Wear rainbows
Have my dad's famous burgers
Eat beef
Work out for the first time since December
Cardinal's games
Go on a "my favourite restaurants" tour of St. Louis
Seeing fat people again (it's been a while...don't judge me)
Flip through all the catalogs Mom has undoubtedly been saving for me
Watch TV
Proper Starbucks
Buttered popcorn at the cinema
St. Louis Bread Co
Turkey (they don't really have it here...)
Bear City
Watching movies on something bigger than my computer screen
Magazines with people who I know on the covers
Gabbie, my Wii Mii
Looking at my Elton John pictures on my old camera!
Have a bath
Mom this may shock you -- clean because I'll finally have a place to put things...

Ok, I think I should stop now otherwise I'll be booking a ticket home in the next five minutes.

Oh, that's my facebook graffiti rendition of Gabbie which someone doesn't seem to care for.

xx ab


Procrastination Nation

At least we know I'm good at something.

I came to Sangeeta Bhua's last night in hopes of being productive for my end of the year journalism project, but 24 hours later, I only have 62 words written...slightly embarrassing. Granted, I did start The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho this morning and am halfway through.

Our field trip today was to the Globe, which was pretty interesting to see. I think I might go see King Lear on the season's opening night.

If anyone wants to get me a housewarming present for my new place in Columbia, I am currently obsessed with Guitar Hero. I'll need a Wii as well. Juuust kidding, I'll get it myself :)

So, my journalism project. It's due on Monday, I made my project proposal well over 3 weeks ago, but somehow I'm just starting. I've set up a blog and am going to basically make a guide to the celebrity world of London. Apparently that's journalism? I talked to my professor yesterday and she said "well, you don't want it to just be writing, like make it into a website."

Um...okay...I don't know how to do that and don't think I'm going to be able to learn by Monday night, but great.

For now, I think I'm going to just stick to the blog idea, turn that in, and then for my class presentation maybe make a PowerPoint presentation so it's "not all writing."

I'm currently wishing that it was April 27 and a) Mom was here b) I was on a beach somewhere or c) I was in St. Louis. If you see a lamp with a genie in it, send it to London!!

Oh, and my ear hurts? I'm not sure what that means but it can't be good.

Now, back to The Alchemist.